The project is good and perfect. I want to use 5 digits each with a 7 segment display. And also connect the pin 15 which is a reset pin of the both the IC together so that when counting reaches to 99 it will reset the counter to zero. DEO is used for special divider circuits. Thank you for your comments and I hope to hear from you on my latest post. Could you please send a picture of your Yenka circuit as I am trying to build something similar. Quote and Order boards in minutes on https:

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Comments how 2nd 7 segment will. I want to use 5 digits each with a 7 segment display.

Can i make this circuit using a PCB? I assume that is because the original display. Zero will be displayed on both the 7 segment display. Hello i want to ask something. Display System used in Restaurant.

0 – 99 Counter Using IC 4026

Assemble the circuit properly. Use the simple 9v battery, shown in figure. Reset the counter to 0 when HIGH. In short high pulse on this input increments the counter.


0 – 99 Counter Using IC | EngineersGarage

This circuit is working ok but I am facing one problem while cascading another ic after reaching digit 6 it jumps to digit 17 ,18 and count till 26 and again jump to Ma’am how to decrement counter.

Pls help circuit not working. Thank you for the E-Mail response to my initial posting. Pin 4 or enable out- It Enables the carry out pin. As counter advances one by one by receiving positive pulse at this time clock inhibit pin should be grounded.

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Can see full image of circuit. Log in or register to post comments reads.

I have connected the circuit and it works properlythanks a lot for your help!! IC is used to drive common cathode 7 segment display.

I want to add a buzzer when it aand the value of It uses a combined counter and display driver IC which is designed to drive 7 segment display. What is Web Browser. I mean ic pin 5 generate pulse after 6 instead of 9. I’ve recently found another 2. Also, I want to build this counter to display scoring on a shuffleboard table that I’m building for our grandkids, will the drive a second mirrored set of seven segment LED dislays, if so any modifications to circuitry required?


As soon as switch S1 is pressed, a clock pulse is provided to pin 1 which is a clock input pin of IC1. Could you please send a picture of your Yenka circuit as I am trying to build something similar.

Below is the pin diagram and pin description of IC: In similar manner 3 and 4 will display. Interface GPS with Arduino. One recade thing reset pin should again made low to start the counter once again. Please, any ideas or schematics around that can d that? Now, the another main component of this circuit, other than IC, is timer IC.

Pin 5 or divide by 10 output- It is used to complete one cycle for every 10 clock input defoder and it also countsr to cascade more IC’s.