Therefore I hereby pass on some advice about that subject. If you have deleted many files or if you want to install a new big programm it can be usefull the run this program after deletion; before installation , as it brings some order to your hard disk. Now we go a little bit deeper into the configuration. In my configuration all drivers are loading “high”. Using 4 different backup hard drives – all of which I know were working fine, but now all of them produce the same result. If you think you’re an config. Only when compiling large programs or when copying, deleting, compressing, moving many small files smartdrive has it’s use.

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As write accesses to the FAT of your hard disk are also cached in memory you can ruin you entire hard disk! Hime.sys we will make it orderd and good now. Please note I just copied these from my BX system, they will probably not work on yours without modifications. I then set it to load optimized defaults and I’m back to the “unreliable XMS memory” message – this time at address D8.

Useful DOS utilities

Leave this line as it is. So set this to Z and be save. This page lists a number of bimem.sys utilities. This program is nice, but its use can be risky. Watch out for another tutorial on how to use 4DOS, which I will write in the near future.


Network If you want to use Network enable this. Format a floppy diskette with the command: I only suggest one here, because too much damage can be done by twiddling in win.

But you should not expect any speed increase wonders. If you do not load himem. This program fixes the problem. Now it is time to look at the third part in the boot process the autoexec. So what lies in BB7FF??? Loads Stacker in UMB.

Can also be used to slow down the CPU, which can be useful with certain speed-sensitive programs and games. You can see that my cd-rom driver needs about 8K, while eansi just wants 2K. F safest or ST: An unbroken Upper Memory area is among other depending on the computers BIOS, the installed videocard and other plug-in cards installed in the computer. Starting this dos shell is a little bit different from booting your system.

SYS is not longer a binary file. Turns on displaying the loading of the Stacker drives. But before we edit it, we have to get some overview of what our system think it needs. But don’t trust them.


Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

Only when compiling large programs or when copying, deleting, compressing, moving many small files smartdrive has it’s use. If the Gimem.sys Memory in the address interval C to EFFF is unbroken, it should now, depending on the memory requirements for the CD-ROM and Mouse drivers, be possible to load all drivers and resident programs in Upper Memory, giving approximately Kb free memory can be checked with the command: COM can cause problems.

The order above hiimem.sys the best utilization of the Upper Memory.

If you type mode co80 and press enter you will get the classic command prompt. But on other language version things should look similar, so I guess you won’t have any difficulties. If you do not want xns, ignore this line now.

Now the SB setup programs can be run under windows, while the gravis software does not like to be started with windows in background.