What a luxury it was then to upgrade from Lotus with DOS, and screens with black background and amber or green or white visual display, and some silly computer game in black and amber throwing bananas, to Windows! Correcting the cable fixed the functioning of the drive. When I search with: You can still use Messenger ot Hotmail without installing that. You could try using the 6. If CD drive or similar is listed before Hard drive or SCSI, if a CD or DVD drive has a disk in in while booting, – if the disk is NOT bootable, the bios tries to boot from the next thing in the boot order list – if the disk IS detected as bootable, you will see “Press any key to boot from CD” or similar on the screen – the message usually stays on the screen for 5 seconds waiting for you to respond – if you press the stated key while that message is on the screen, the bios will then attempt to boot from the disk – if you do not press a key, the boot sequence will continue about 5 seconds after that message first appearing, and the bios tries to boot from the next thing in the boot order list.

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MS ver motherboard – Hardware Support – UKT Support – Message Board

There are many free open source Linux programs on the web that do the same or similar things as programs for Windows do, but they can be huge and time consuming to download.

Pictures 67144 and support for all the ms models: Ja this is South Africa so better not to say “floppy” aufio here these days as it could be considered discriminative if taken wrongly. Not installed ” Some newer bioses auto detect auddio floppy drive, once you have audioo the bios to allow it to be detected – if it’s not actually detected, the setting in the bios has reverts to None or similar, when you look in the bios after that.

This doesn’t make sense to me, because if the Repair installation method is not available in Setup for the Windows CD’s, why would I want the Product Key, unless I borrowed a CD from someone to install it from scratch and therefore needed to determine the Product Key using a third party program such as Aidio Jelly Beanbut then, because I am not the owner of the Product Key, it would be illegal to use it if the owner of it had it installed in another computer?


I recommend LG drives – they’re good quality, relatively well balanced and quieter, and are good at everything, except for reading badly scratched disks. When the computer is running and the floppy drive has sudio enabled properly in the bios Setup settings, if there is nothing wrong with the drive’s circuit board, the led should come on briefly when you first insert a floppy disk even when only the power connector is connected to the drive.

Download Msi 845GEM (ms 6714 ver5) Motherboard Drivers | Manual

Go here and get the right manual for your mboard, then look in the manual for the Cmos jumper info: I have a 80 wire data cable if needed. Special offers and product promotions Also check our best rated Motherboard reviews.

Write a customer review. If you just want to make a copy of it’s contents as is, ns you can use “Disk at Once” or simlar in a third party burning program to copy the entire contents of the CD including a file that makes the CD bootable that you can’t see in Windows itself.

So I disconnected my working computer’s monitor and connected it to this thrown-away MS computer to see if the display card still have some functionality left. You need at least a minimal amount of free space on the C partition on the hard drive in order for Windows to be able to run at the max speed it can run.

You can get the “Please insert a disk into drive A” message in Windows after you insert a floppy disk in it and try to access the floppy drive – if the computer has an older bios version and the floppy drive has not actually been detected – if the floppy drive is actually being detected but there’s something wrong with the data cable connection, or there’s something wrong with the drive’s board.

You have helped me learn much since I started this thread. That slot is forced to use the same IRQ as the video uses, and cards other than PCI video cards are likely to not work properly in that slot.

The Seagate SeaTools will test any brand of hard drive, but if it does find LBA errors in the long test, it’s recommended you then run the diagnostics program that the hard drive manufacturer provides on their own web site to try to repair the problem by writing zeros to the drive – you often cannot choose to do that until you have run whatever long test those diagnostics provide.


MSI Ms-6714 Ver 5 Socket 478 Motherboard Backplate Included

There is no other hard drive in this computer. The end connector that plugs into the mboard must be on the end that has no wires in the data cable that change positions between there and the middle connector on a 3 connector data cable. Can be installed in XP, Vista, or Windows 7 only.

You only need one drive to make a copy – if you have only one, the original CD can be read in the same drive, then you insert. Quoted from 34 above: If you set the floppy drive as the first boot device it will be checked to see if a bootable disk is in place. As long as you have the official label, you are the one who has the right to use the copy of Windows and the Product Key on the label, not anyone else.

Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! If he or she is still using the Product Key, it’s he or she that does not have the license to use that copy of Windows because he or she no longer has the official label.

I also bought a good second hand screen for my for next to nothing. Othehill I hope I am a bit more clever now after looking up some more terms and definitions etc.

qudio The jumper setting you are using is for setting that drive as Master when a slave is present. In your case, I suspect the board on the drive is fried. I have found a good program that can remove the ATI software in that case, if you ever have the need to use it.

Thank you for your time and for all the other information. Quoting from 53 above: These are primarily portable versions of Linux. If your Boot Order or similar settings are set so the floppy drive is listed first in the bios Setupthat should work fine.

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